Manual garage door vs electric garage door; pros and cons

We modern day humans like our choices. We eat out in restaurants and pour over menus with dozens of entrees and drink options. We shop for cars in auto malls and look at endless arrays of models and style choices. We can go online and browse through page after page of shopping choices with even more options for delivery. It’s much the same for our garage doors and openers. We can choose garage doors in just about every size, color, weight and style imaginable and our garage door opener options are almost as varied and extensive. Here at Pro East Cobb Garage Door we provide our local customers with a seemingly endless selection of these garage door components and one choice that is always open for them is whether to opt for a manual garage door opener or an electric one. You don’t have to live here in East Cobb, GA to make this choice. Both garage door opener options are available worldwide. Read on and see the pros and cons of each; it’ll help you make up your own mind!

You didn’t always have a choice… 

It’s true; there was a time in the not too distant past when everyone used to open their garage doors manually. You had to; there was no other way to do it! With the advent automatic garage door openers, everything changed. It suddenly became not only popular, but virtually necessary to have one of these convenient and security enhancing garage door openers. They are so commonly used now that many people have no idea that they have a choice of garage door opening methods. But that brings up the question; if automatic garage door openers are so good and so popular, why would anyone opt for the older, manual method?

Pros of opening your own garage door 

Remember when we said that people like options? While that is very true, it’s also true that people like nostalgia. Having to manually open or close your own garage door is reminiscent of a time when life was simpler, more carefree, and hard work was required to get by. Nostalgia plays a big role in folks opting for not having an electric garage door opener. It’s much like gardening and making your own clothes. You really don’t have to grow your own food or learn how to sew but it’s fun and therapeutic for many. Plus you can actually save money by doing many of these tasks and chores yourself. Lifting and lowering your garage door provides exercise, too. You have to physically get out of the car and back in when you operate your garage door this way. You can compare it to climbing stairs or taking the elevator. People do both and there are pros and cons to each method. Don’t forget the money savings involved. After all, you don’t have to actually buy, install, service or repair that cumbersome garage door opener! After a while, not having all those bills adds up. Who couldn’t use one less thing to worry about in today’s hectic and stressful world?

Pros of opting for the electric (automatic way) 

Much like a political debate, the ‘other’ side has its own arguments for choosing their way of opening and closing a garage door. Proponents of electric garage door openers boast of time savings and added convenience as you never have to get in or out of your vehicle to operate your heavy garage door. There is no heavy lifting, or getting wet during rainy season; just stay put inside your climate controlled vehicle, tap your opener remote and drive in or out of your garage with ease, comfort and security. Speaking of security, electric garage door openers offer enhanced protection as you never have to leave your car in order to move your garage door up and down. It makes sense; you are distracted and pre-occupied with manually lifting your garage door. Your car door is probably still open and your motor is still running. You are at risk for being accosted, attacked, or even abducted. Your vehicle is also at risk as the keys are still in the car along with your purse or wallet, driver’s license, registration, insurance, home address, and lots more.

Cons of both 

As we said above, having to get out of your car to open or close your garage door leaves you and your vehicle vulnerable to crime, bad weather and the elements in general. It can also become quite tiresome if done over and over. Another problem involving manual garage doors is that having one can hurt your home’s resale value. It’s a fact; most home buyers prefer having an automatic garage door opener and the fact that you don’t have one already installed can make them pass on your home and opt for one that does. If they do happen to make an offer on your house, it will for a lower amount as they have now (mentally anyway) factored in the price of a garage door opener to be added in the near future.

The only ‘con’ that is really obvious that comes with having an electric garage door opener is that it will cost you more now and in the long run. You will have expenses for purchasing and installing your opener but if you use the right garage door repair shop, those will be very minimal. There are also repair expenses if your opener unit breaks down. We recommend getting a good warranty and having periodic maintenance done on your unit as recommended by the manufacturer and your garage door repair technician.

The bottom line 

The choice is yours. We recommend that you contact a full service garage door repair shop in Marietta, GA for further details and recommendations. Weigh carefully your different wants and goals and speak to one of our garage door technicians or one near your locale. Doing so will result in a garage door opener choice that is right for your budget, goals and desires.

Most Popular Residential Garage Doors

Choosing the right type of garage door can be challenging. If you’re not familiar with the various types of residential doors it can be even more challenging. When you’re in the market for a new garage door, it will help to know which type of options you have and what you should look for when you’re in the market for a new garage door. At Pro East Cobb Garage Door in East Cobb, Georgia, we always consult with our clients prior to installing their new garage door. One of the things that we explain to our clients is the need to make sure that their garage door is a good fit for the style of home they have. When you have a door installed, it is best if the door represents the style of home that you have. Your lovely house could go unnoticed if you have an unattractive or unkept garage door. When you are looking for a new garage door, make sure that it meets your needs. There are some specific factors that you should keep in mind, which will be discussed with you prior to installation. However before we even discuss your needs and preferences, we feel that it is important to know the type of residential garage doors that are available to you.

Garage Door Opener Installation

When selecting a garage door, you should keep in mind certain factors, such as, cost, weather and maintenance. With so many doors to choose from, we thought we’d start by telling you the most popular types of residential garage doors that we install:

Fiberglass Doors

This type of door is popular due to its resistance to most extreme temperatures. The fiberglass garage door is the most durable of the various types of residential garage doors that are available to you. It is well insulated and helps to lower your heating and cooling bills. These types of doors tend to last longer and come in a variety of styles and designs.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are popular but they can also be very expensive. The material is costly and it takes great skill to work with wood. Despite the higher price tag of a wood door, many people feel that it is well worth the added expense to have a wood door. The wood door will certainly stand out because it is also the most attractive of all of the various types of residential doors; this alone could push up the price tag. Wood doors also provide homeowners with a more modern looking garage door.

Metal Doors

These types of doors are generally used in areas where there is high wind. This is because they are durable doors that are not easily damaged by the weather. It is one of the more practical options of garage doors.

Aluminum Doors

Compared to the steel door, aluminums doors are often much lighter in weight, which makes the opening feature easier. Since the opening mechanism lasts longer, you don’t have to spend as much on the maintenance of an aluminum garage door. One of the biggest advantages of an aluminum door is the fact that they are recyclable.

You may not know what you can expect when you buy a specific type of garage door but since we’ve outlined some of the benefits of the most popular garage doors, at least you now you know what you can expect. We would always suggest that you familiarize yourself with as many of the garage door types as possible before making a final decision. Just consider that fact that a garage door is a major investment for most homeowners. It isn’t something that you want to turn around and replace 2 years from now or even 5. This is why we would suggest that you take your time to gather enough information about the various types of residential garage doors. Doing so will enable you to make a well-informed decision about the type of garage door to have installed.

Why Have Your Door Replaced

The most common reasons people replace their garage doors is due to the appearance of their existing door and damages that it may have incurred. The door may be dated, rusted, scratched, warped, cracked and just unappealing due to the age of the door. If the home is detracting from the appearance of your house, it is a good idea to go ahead and invest in a new garage door. If you have backed into your garage one too many times, you may experience problems with your rollers, springs, track, opener and other equipment that helps to operate the door of your garage. When you experience damage to your door, you also put yourself in harms way. The door can then become a serious safety hazard. You should definitely seek the services of a professional garage door service to have a new garage door installed if there is serious damage to your door. Continuing to have one problem after the next fixed and patched is only prolonging the inevitable, the need to purchase a new garage door.

Don’t take unnecessary chances with the safety and security of your family. Instead, start doing your research and make sure you know what is most important to you in terms of what your garage door can offer to you. The worst thing you can do is base your needs on that of someone else. Just because you’ve noticed a neighbor with a certain type of door doesn’t mean that this is the same type of door that you should have. What might be important to them might not be important to you and vice-versa. You may notice a neighbor with a very attractive door and think that it would look nice on your home. However, what we would suggest that you do is find out what type of door it is and consult with us further to determine if this type of door will be best suited for your needs. You can get exactly what you want with a little forethought before having your new garage door installed.