Door closure problems

Don’t you hate it when your garage door gets a mind of its own? For instance, you try leaving for a job interview. You really want this employment opportunity and the job itself is a “dream come true.” Not only are you qualified for the position, but you’ve now been called for a chance to show why you deserve it. You are dressed to the hilt, and you’ve practiced all of your possible interview questions. You start the car and back out of the garage, when it happens; the garage door won’t close! It started to, but then it went back up. What do you do now? You NEED to leave but your garage is loaded with tools, bicycles and other items of value so you just can’t leave it open!

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Don’t panic!

Garage door closure problems are more common than many realize. That’s why Pro East Cobb Garage Repair offers these handy and simple tips; we want to help relieve some of the stress and panic that a non-closing garage door can cause. Read this post and you might just save yourself a lot of stress (not to mention a service call!) later on!

Here’s your problem…

When a garage door doesn’t close, it is usually due to one of two problems. 1) Your garage door sensor beam got interrupted, or 2) your garage door met with some kind of resistance. Here in East Cobb, GA you can call our shop for help or any of the many other licensed, bonded and insured garage door repair firms in the area. Or, you can take a look and see if you can spot any of these issues and simply fix the problem yourself (for free!).

Check your sensor beam

By sensor beam, we mean your photoelectric safety eyes. These sensors should be pointing directly at each other at all times. One light should be shining (the transmitter) at the other sensor which is the receiver. If for some reason they are not aligned, your garage door won’t close properly and will go right back up. What could cause your sensors to not be aligned properly? A simple bump or nudge is all that it takes. Try adjusting them manually so that they aim right at each other. Also, look for frayed or cut wires as rodents can chew them and sharp objects can cut them or pull them out of place.

It’s always a good idea to remove objects near your sensors so that they don’t interfere with the signals or bump the safety eyes out of place. These items could be bicycles, wheelbarrows, garden tools, skateboards, shovels, rakes, boxes, trash cans, bags of dog food, etc.

Check for dirty sensor lenses and clean yours if needed. Use a soft, dry cloth and wipe the lens carefully as you would a camera lens. Just like it’s hard to see through dirty eye glasses, it’s equally hard for dirty sensors to transmit proper signals to each other. Also, look for spider webs on or near your safety eyes and remove them gently with a stick if found. Insects love our humid and moist East Cobb, GA weather and they thrive in dark and remote corners of our garages.

Garage door resistance

When your garage door encounters any kind of resistance, it is designed to go back up. This is actually a smart safety feature and is usually one that is welcomed. On the downside however, resistance can prevent your home or business garage door from closing when you want it to. Your job is to simply find where the resistance is coming from. Take this easy resistance test. Close your garage door and find the red handle at the end of the emergency release latch. This will disconnect your garage door from the opener system. Try and lift your garage door manually and test the resistance. Was it easy to open or not? If it wasn’t, you may have a broken wheel, a bent track, or a damaged spring. Unfortunately, these are not easy do-it-yourself fixes (like the safety eye misalignment). They ARE easy for a professional to repair and not expensive so feel free to call our Pro East Cobb Garage Repair shop or your favorite East Cobb, GA garage door repair shop for help getting these done.

What else?

Other factors that can contribute to garage door resistance include dirty tracks and broken cables and tension springs. Check your tracks regularly and clean out any dirt, lint, gum, small rocks and other debris. It doesn’t take much of it to stop your garage door from closing and to return it to the open position. This is because the garage door is designed to roll forward on the rollers (in the tracks) and if they are even slightly blocked; it won’t. Keeping your tracks clean and unobstructed can potentially save you a garage door repair service call down the road so keep an eye out for any blockage that might interfere!

Tension springs and cables

Lastly we want to bring these to your attention. Your cables and tension springs are designed to help lower your garage door slowly and safely. After all, your wood or metal garage door weighs in at several hundred pounds! You don’t want THAT giant wall to come crashing down on you when it closes! If one or both of your springs were to break, it would put undue pressure on your cables causing them to snap with a loud and unpleasant noise. If this happens, stay out of the way and call for help. Cable repair and torsion or extension spring service is NOT recommended for non-professionals to attempt.

Final thoughts

Please keep your garage door (and all of its parts) clean and well maintained and it will last you longer and serve you better. For best results, be sure to keep the telephone number to a local East Cobb, GA garage door repair shop in your smart phone for time saving and convenient access to professionals whenever needed!


Extend The Life of Your Garage Door – Tips

Here at Pro East Cobb Garage Door we are often asked how to make home and business garage doors last longer before needing repair work or replacement. There are actually many ways in which you can do this. We invite you to read this post and apply these helpful tips to your garage door setting. If you have any questions or wish to get further advice, simply call our East Cobb, GA garage door repair shop and we’ll be happy to talk to you. Our family owned company offers free consultations, free price quotes and same day service work so don’t be shy; give us a call!

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Too Much Usage

This one is just common sense. The more often you use something, the sooner it wears out. It’s pretty much an unspoken rule that garage doors are built to open twice a day on average. If you find yourself coming and going more than that, be aware of this and try to limit your garage door use to just a few times be day. Of course, this averages out over time. Some days, you may not use your garage door at all while other days can be quite busy (think Christmas shopping!). The point is; be aware of too much frivolous garage door use, and make adjustments as needed.


We’re serious! Rust can be a problem in some areas of the country. If you live in the super dry parts of the Southwest like Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada you probably don’t need to worry about it. In more humid areas like Florida, Louisiana and here in Georgia, it can really be a problem! Wet weather, dampness, rain and snow can easily lead to rusty springs which cause the coils to corrode and weaken. If you have moderate to high humidity in your area, be sure to lubricate your springs at least every four months or so. You can do this yourself or call Pro East Cobb Garage Door and we’ll be happy to provide this maintenance for you.

Correct Springs

If you’ve had your garage door springs replaced professionally, you don’t need to worry about this. If you’ve done the work yourself (we don’t recommend this!) or if you are renting the property and don’t know, then please pay attention to this item. Incorrect size or type of garage door springs can lead to problems. They tend to break much sooner and don’t last as long either. Always use a licensed, bonded and insured garage door technician when having work done on your garage door springs. Most of these shops offer 24-hour emergency garage door spring repair and fast, highly accurate spring replacement help, too.

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Be Aware!

It’s a basic but important step; be aware of your garage door’s condition. Does it look different or work erratically? Do you notice anything frayed or unusual about the wires or cables? Are your safety eyes aligned properly? Is anything blocking the signal between them? Does anything seem loose or not tightened? Do you hear loud or unusual noises when you try and operate your garage door? Is it working harder to do the same job? Something as simple as noticing a change in your garage door’s performance or appearance can save you big dollars down the road. Many local garage door repair shops offer periodic maintenance routines and/or annual check-ups in case you don’t have the time or inclination to do the work yourself.

A Simple Test

It’s easy to run this balance test yourself. Go to your garage door and pull the emergency release cord so that the garage door opener is separated from the door. This will allow you to manually open the garage door. Try doing this. It SHOULD lift smoothly and no problem. Now, close your garage door again and this time, lift it partially. Let go and see what happens. It should stay where you left it. If it closes again (drops back down) or if it is hard to lift then this indicates spring wear that will need attention sooner than later.

Pro East Cobb Garage Door does NOT recommend spring repair on your own. These metal coils operate at very high levels of tension in order to lift and lower your heavy garage door. It takes experience, tools and skill to repair, service, or replace garage door springs. We know that you want to save money but spring repair is best left to the professionals. You can still get your springs serviced and save money by finding an affordable locksmith service in East Cobb to do the work for you. This way you save time as well as money and are also covered by warranty and product guarantees.

Do Some Research

If you have some extra time, try viewing some YouTube videos on garage door maintenance tips. There are hundreds of them online. You don’t have to look at all of them (whew!) to get a solid idea of what you can do for yours. Use the search bar on YouTube or on Google to find information on your particular size and type of garage door. Try this on your springs and opener unit, too.

Look around your home or office for owner’s manuals and other papers that may have come with your purchase. Many don’t save these or you may be renting the place and not have access to them. Most all manufacturers now put owner’s manuals online in PDF form. Just enter your search term and add “owner’s manual” to it for a comprehensive list of them. Be sure to look for toll free numbers in the paperwork or online. Even if your opener, springs or garage door itself is no longer covered by warranty, many firms still offer customer service help and guidance.

If you have a favorite local garage door repair shop that you use or trust, the simplest way to extend the use of your garage door is to have them check it out for wear, use and safety. Pro East Cobb Garage Door offers 25 point safety inspections, same day service and the best rates. Give us a call and make your garage door last longer and work better!